Best Betta Tank – 2019 Updated

betta fishBettas are one of the most colorful, tranquil and rewarding fish to keep. Often they are seen sold in jars, but please don’t see this as something they should be kept in long term. It’s important you look for the best betta tank.

If you intend to keep a Betta properly you should be looking at keeping these fish away from anything that will nip at or attack their long fins which rules out a lot of tank mates. They can easily be bullied or irritated by other fish and for this reason they are often kept alone in dedicated aquariums.

Bettas have some pretty specific care requirements so often it’s best to get an aquarium designed for their needs.

There are a number of dedicated Betta fish aquariums out there and some of them are really well priced. If you don’t have time to read our complete article feel free to reference this chart below.

Betta TankSize (Length x Width x Height)Tank ConstructionWater VolumeCheck Price
MarineLand Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit12" x 12" x 17"Glass5 GallonsCheck Price
Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit18" x 11" x 6"Glass5 GallonsCheck Price
MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit - Editors Choice12" x 12" x 12.5"Glass3 GallonsCheck Price
Tetra LED Cube10" x 10" x 10"Glass3 GallonsCheck Price
Fluval FLEX Aquarium Kit - Best Quality16" x 13" x 13"Glass9 GallonsCheck Price
BiOrb FLOW Aquarium12" x 8" x 12"Acrylic4 GallonsCheck Price
Fluval Edge Aquarium17" x 14" x 14"Glass6 GallonsCheck Price
Tetra Crescent16" x 12" x 13"Acrylic5 GallonsCheck Price

Before We Dive In

When reviewing these products several things were taken into consideration.

  • Suitability for a Betta Fish.
  • Quality of the product.
  • Included equipment and anything else you will need to buy.
  • Ease of maintenance.

We also think it’s best that any newcomers to the aquarium hobby are aware of the differences between a glass and acrylic aquarium. Acrylic aquariums offer three main advantages over glass, those are that they are lighter (kind of unimportant for tanks of this size), they offer superior clarity to glass and they are much stronger a durable (but this is not important with a Betta fish, they have no chance of breaking a glass or acrylic aquarium.

Acrylic aquariums do have issues though, the main one being that they require delicate care to avoid scratches on the viewing pane. To avoid this issue you often need to buy expensive and specialist aquarium equipment designed for acrylic tanks. Unless you have experience cleaning aquariums I would always pick glass, the advantages of acrylic aquariums on tanks under 50 gallons are very minimal.

1. MarineLand Portrait Glass Aquarium Kit

The MarineLand ML90609 Portrait Aquarium will provide a fantastic enviroment for your Betta fish. The aquarium kit includes nearly everything you need with a fabulous design, in built filter and attractive light capable of sustaining low light plants.

With the addition of some plants, substrate and a heater you will have everything you need to give your Betta a long and happy life. The tall design of this aquarium lends itself to plants such as Vallis, Rotala or Cabomba which will give an area of protection for your fish should it feel spooked by anything going on outside of the aquarium.

Also you can feel comfortable adding additional fish with the spacious 5 gallon volume. We estimate it would comfortable hold your Betta plus another 3-5 suitable tank mates. A small shoal of Neon Tetras would provide excellent dither fish for your Betta as the centrepiece of this fantastic tank.

One thing we would point out, when cleaning the aquarium we felt the tall design was a bit annoying. This became a bit of an issue with the rear inbuilt filter when trying to remove equipment. You may wish to pick up some really long tongs in case items are dropped into that area by accident.


  • Glass construction
  • Attractive design
  • Large size, with small footprint


  • You will need to buy an aquarium heater separately.
  • Some people say the light is not bright enough.

2.Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

Similar to the last aquarium we reviewed, this Fluval Spec V includes most things you need to get going and will provide a very good home for a Betta.

This tank as a “peninsula” style build rather than the tall design. With a larger footprint your aquariums water is going to be able to hold a lot more oxygen which is excellent for your fish. This larger footprint also gives more options when designing the layout for your aquarium, which is unfortunately limited by the 7″ width. This tank would look great on a counter top, breakfast bar or on a shelf dividing rooms.

Again, if you want to run the best Betta tank you’re going to need a heater for your water otherwise everything you need is included. Run the filter on the lowest setting for a Betta as I found the flow to be stronger than I would recommend.


  • Very nice design
  • Easy to maintain


  • Very narrow aquarium, made it difficult to find decorations that worked well.

3. MarineLand Contour Glass Aquarium Kit with Rail Light

best betta tanksThis is a great looking aquarium from MarineLand, with all your equipment hidden in the built in rear filter you are left to just focus on the contents of your tank and fish.

The design is fantastic and the tank together with the lighting provides great value. On using this tank and setting it up I found the pump for the filter to very more powerful than expected, even on the lowest setting it was just too much for a Betta fish which is unfortunate but could be restricted further with some sponge. If you’re DIY inclined it could be an option, or you could get the 5 gallon version of the same tank which will provide more water volume to diffuse the pumps flow.

The light also is rather interesting, unfortunately it’s no the greatest of quality and feels low quality it contains both blue and white LED’s which put out a more “deep water” colour spectrum. I would not recommend this light for live plants, but the blue LED’s really bring out the color of the fish which is great.

If you have no real desire of keeping live plants and don’t mind finding a DIY solution for the strong pump, this really is the best option in my opinion. The way the fish looks under the light and the overall design of the tank is fantastic. You can’t really go wrong here.


  • Very attractive design
  • Very nice lighting with a mix of white and blue


  • Filter pump is a little too powerful for a Betta

4. Tetra LED Cube Shaped 3 Gallon Aquarium with Pedestal Base

This aquarium is good budget option but first, let’s look at why I wouldn’t pick this.

Firstly, while it does include a filter it’s an air pump type. These are incredibly noisy (constant water bubbling through) and not as efficient as modern pump driven filters. While they do work, I would go with other options.

The tank is also plastic construction and very easy to mark and scratch. Long term this is going to look awful. Glass aquariums are just better in cases like this. It will quickly spoil enjoyment of your aquarium.

The light is also not capable of supporting any sort of plant life which just makes this much worse of a choice when compared to the other options.

However, the good side of this… It’s the lowest cost.


  • Lowest cost


  • Loud filter
  • Poor quality plastic construction

5. Fluval FLEX 9 Gallon Glass Aquarium Kit

The Fluval FLEX is Fluvals flagship model. Featuring a breathtaking design as well as super modern features like 7500k LED lighting this tank is fit for a king, never mind a Betta.

At 9 gallons in volume you’re also going to have enough room for a whole host of other tank mates and with the fantastic lighting you’re not going to be limited by the live plants you can pick.

The tank is all glass construction with a very unusual vertical bow front which is designed to not distort your view but actually enhance it by multiplying the sense of depth.  To look at this aquarium looks far bigger than it actually is, that’s very cool!

The tank has a powerful 3 stage internal filter system which hides all equipment out of view. The outlet for the filter is 360 degree flexible meaning you can point it in any direction also.

This tank is outstanding, absolutely from top to bottom I believe it’s the best on offer. With the addition of a heater, you have a state of the art aquarium with a fantastic design, built to incredible standards for a very reasonable price.

For those interested, they also have a 15 gallon option!   


  • Best quality aquarium on review
  • Lighting can support a huge range of plants
  • Largest tank on test


  • Reports that the remote control for the light isn’t the best

6. biOrb FLOW Aquarium with LED Light

biOrb have created some of the most innovative designed aquariums in recent history, starting with the original biOrb. Their latest model is the FLOW, which contains the same sort of style.

Just like the original biOrb it relies on an air driven filter which creates noise and is made of acrylic which has all sorts of issues with cleaning. If you’re not familiar with cleaning aquariums you’re going to scratch the clear panes of the aquarium very easily and it required specialise cleaning equipment.

The design of the tank though is very nice aesthetically, but had some issues. The top of the tank has a very small tight fitting lid which contains the light, but if you wanted to run a heater for example there is nowhere to run the power lead.

Due to the lid, you’re also limited in terms of future upgrades. If you wanted to swap the inefficient air powered filter for a modern power filter you would not be able to. If you wanted to add decor to the aquarium (and you should for the health of your fish) then you’re going to have a lot of issues too as the hood fo the tank is not removable and very restrictive.

I found the lid of the tank to be so tight on space even basic maintenance like vacuuming gravel was hard.

If you love the style of the tank and think you can live with the downsides, go for it. But personally I think there are much better options on this list.


  • It looks awesome


  • Air pump driven which was noisey
  • Acrylic construction
  • Narrow lid limits size of decor and equipment which can be used

7. Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Light

The Fluval Edge is a unique aquarium providing “six” panes of viewing (fluval seem to forget if you use gravel you won’t be able to see through the bottom…). The water is designed to meet flush with the top pane of glass allowing the owners to view their aquarium from above. This is a very cool set up.

Quality of the aquarium is very high, silicon seals are very minimal and construction is excellent. High clarity glass has been used throughout and the tank itself looks excellent.

Filtering is well hidden in the “hood” along with high energy lighting meaning you can keep most types of plants with no issues in that regard.

Fluval also sell a specific heater for this line of aquariums which is excellent, this can be seen here.

The one downside of this tank is the thing that makes it stand out. While the top pane is fantastic in terms of viewing, I found it hard to keep clean and it also limited the size of decor which could be used to furnish the aquarium.


  • Very nice design with unique viewing angels
  • Glass construction


  • Limited by size of glass opening for decor

8. Tetra Crescent Acrylic Aquarium Kit

This Tetra all in one aquarium is a very nice all in one system at a budget friendly price. Including aquarium, filter and lighting you are almost ready to rock with the addition of a heater.

At 5 gallons this tank would provide a very nice sized home for your Betta with enough room for a few tank mates. The lighting is very low wattage which means this tank would suit plastic plants rather than live plants.

The tank itself is a very awkward shape for designing a nice layout and planting. It’s shaped like a football, bowed on both sides making it very narrow at the ends and not really providing anywhere for the fish to back itself up to which provides security.

The tank is also acrylic, meaning it will be very easy to scratch and very hard to clean.  


  • Great value


  • Acrylic constriction
  • Very awkward shape for aquascaping

Keeping Betta Fish – A Buyers Guide

Betta Fish (or Siamese Fighting Fish) are a very common fish, their color and availability in the aquarium trade make them a very popular choice for desktop aquariums or beginners. But unfortunately they are also one of the most mistreated aquarium fish out there. If you are going to keep a Betta please read below for a brief guide of what you should expect to face.

What does a Betta fish need to thrive?

Keeping a Betta aquarium is fairly easy as long as you focus on the following aspects:

It’s a misconception that Betta Fish can live at room temperature, they come from South East Asia and need a water temperature of 75f to 82f to survive. Fish kept in cold water are slow, can refuse to eat and are prone to disease. A suitable heater should be added to your aquarium.

Water Quality
Betta fish are no different to other aquarium fish, they require good quality water free from contaminants and debris. Filtration should be installed capable of biologically filtering the water to maintain this and regular water changes with de-chlorinated water should be under taken. It’s important that the filter chosen does not cause too much water movement, Betta fish typically come from still ponds in the wild and they are poor swimmers.

Aquarium Volume
Betta fish are sold in jars as if you keep groups of them they tend to fight to the death, hence their common name of “Siamese fighting fish”. However, this does not mean they should be kept in such a small volume of water their whole life. A minimum tank size of 3 gallons is recommended for Betta fish.

Aquarium Decoration
Betta fish are found in densely planted areas in the wild, this gives them cover to retreat to, hence their aquarium should also contain plants. Simple live plants such as Java Ferns, duck weed or Mosses will keep your fish happy, as would silk or plastic plants. You will also need sufficient lighting for live plants. Bare aquariums or bowls can cause your fish stress as the fish has no escape from perceived threats such as people walking next to the aquarium.

Feed a good quality dry diet that delivers all the Betta’s nutritional needs such as TetraMin Plus. Cultured live or frozen foods can also be given. Inferior diets will lead to nutritional deficiencies and digestive problems that may result in poor health and reduced longevity. You also need to ensure when feeding the fish all food is eaten, do not leave food to decompose in the aquarium as this will cause water quality issues.

Suitable Tank Mates
Bettas should be kept alone, they will often fight their own species to the death when kept in confined spaces together. You also need to be aware that a lot of fish will try and bite the fines of Bettas so only peaceful fish should be considered. Bettas have also been known to attack similar looking fish with long colourful fins such as male guppies.

Suitable Betta tank mates include:

  • Ember tetras
  • Neon tetras
  • Harlequin Rasboras
  • Ghost and Cherry Shrimp
  • Cory Catfish
  • Mystery Snails

Your local fish store should also be able to help and identify other options.

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