Vortech MP40W Review

Well, yesterday I received a Vortech Mp40w to replace a couple Tunze Nano Streams I had. I must say, the new Vortech is impressive!

Comparing the Vortech MP40w to the Tunze nano streams and the old style Tunze Streams(model 6101) I have to say the the Vortech simply mops the floor with them. GPH is a number so its really not comparable from pump to pump, but the width of the Vortechs flow is astonishing and sets it apart from the competition.

A foot and a half away from the pump the stream coming out of the Vortech was 16-18″ wide. I had two modded Tunze nano streams on the same side the Vortech is now and they are nothing in comparison. I would probably need 4 or 5 modded nano streams to make up for the Vortechs flow width and undertow.

The undertow is one of the best things about the Vortech. Everything in the vicinity of the pump is rocked back and forth by the flow and undertow. Coral polyps sway gently and at times fiercely. The first thing I noticed when I turned the pump on was that all my SPS had extended their feeder tentacles. My tank is fairly clean so not much was stirred up so I was surprised to see this reaction by the corals.

I currently have the pump running in “Reef Crest” mode and am happy with it. This increases and decreases the flow to create random chaotic water movement, much like a natural reef. I tried out the night time mode but don’t plan on using it. My pumps have always run at the same constant speed, day or night, so I really see no benefit in changing.

I love the low profile and lack of cords in the tank with the Vortech. It really makes the tank look bigger and more open. The pump runs quiet and emits very little heat.

I may have to move around or take one of the Tunze’s on the right side out. The right side has three Tunze nano’s along with the return pump pushing water towards the Vortech and its actually a little too chaotic. Who knows, maybe with some clever maneuvering and positioning I can keep the Tunze’s in and find a sweet spot.

For anyone looking to buy a new pump I can honestly say the Vortech is the best pump I have ever used.

Needless to say, I plan on replacing the rest of the Tunze’s with another Vortech MP40w in the near future.

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